Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dodging the Ball

It was so beautiful coming up over the ridge and seeing the fog lay on the hills in the Conejo Valley this past Sunday. It was a glorious early morning drive to St. Patrick's in Thousand Oaks.

Greeted warmly by the Rector, David Galletly, my chaplain Karin Sherman and her husband Jon commented on the incredible stained glass windows in the Sanctuary and the fabulous view of the valley from the Parish Hall. The service was well attended and the people warm and friendly.

The most impressive moment to me was when Michael came up to me and asked me, "Bishop, the youth group wants to know if you'd play dodge ball with us." I said goodbye to the people left in the Parish Hall and trudged up the hill with the youth group and their wonderful leader, KC.

The members of the youth group went VERY easy on this Bishop -- I could tell they didn't want to hurt me -- not that you could with the kind of balls they use for dodge ball these days (what happened to those big, hard rubber balls we used when I was a kid?) These were soft, which for me made them more difficult to throw. KC had no problem, though -- a softball champ, she had a underhand throw that was dynamite!

The youth are going to go on a pilgrimage to Ireland. I'll be going back to talk with them (and others interested) about Celtic spirituality before they go.

I had such a wonderful day -- after dodge ball, members of the vestry and the youth group and lay leaders took me to lunch. Fr. David was a gracious host! I wonder what I will get to do the next time I meet this youth group!