Friday, July 22, 2011


I had a wonderful time at Camp Stevens this past week! Not only was the weather beautiful, but the campers and staff were great! Here is a picture of part of Lindsay Taylor's campers at work making snickerdoodles -- Lindsay is the daughter of Fr. John Taylor -- and she is a most talented and creative staff person!

Chris, the lay chaplain, was phenomenal -- she gave a wonderful talk to the campers.

We filmed an upcoming Just Action clip -- on the camp and on the farms there. I got to hold a chicken and feed them too! It was a great treat.

One of the highlights of the week for me was when a young boy ran up to me as he was on his way to join his group --

"Diane, can you pray with me later?"

I said, "Sure -- is everything okay?"

"Yes" he replied. "I just have lots of happy prayers to pray today."

I have lots of happy prayers to pray about my time at Camp Stevens!