Thursday, November 3, 2016

Diocese of DaeJeon

Started out early on the train to DaeJeon. It's nice to be back on a train again, traveling through the countryside!

We were met by members of the clergy including the Bishop at the train station. It was a sea of collars as we came up from the platform.

Debbie David, Bishop Moses, Aidan Koh and a few members of the Diocesan clergy went to talk to two sets of school officials for the day. 

Ron David and I headed over with some of the clergy to the Cathedral Center for the diocese. There we addressed members of the clergy for a talk. Here is Ada, who was one of our CPE program clergy, translating for Ron.

We then headed over to lunch and the women clergy and I gathered together. We then went out for a cup of coffee.

I also was able to see Francis -- who was with us for a number of units of CPE.

There is a marked contract between the Diocese of Seoul and the Diocese of DaeJeon. While both do incredible work, DaeJeon has fewer resources than Seoul. 

Bishop Moses began two "sharing houses" -- one for boys, one for girls. The boys and girls live in them for any where from 3 months to a year, possibly more. These are school for children that have had a family crisis at home and have "given up" or are having problems attending regular school. Some have been bullied. Regardless, there is a warm atmosphere in these two houses. Approximately 15 students live in each one at any given time. They range in age from 13 to 18 years old. We were happy to meet them. 

We also visited a homeless shelter for men run by the Diocese -- another great example of outreach and care in the Diocese of DaeJeon.

We had dinner together before returning to the train.

 And, just as he did in the morning, the Bishop was there to greet us and send us on our way. 

We were all tired but very happy to be there! Now -- to figure out how we can help the Diocese of DaeJeon....