Friday, September 2, 2011

A VERY Special Charm

I have been meaning to write about this most incredible day for months now, but time slipped away from me.

A few months ago I had the privilege of visiting St. Mark's in Downey. It was a wonderful service, with almost every child from the school (and their parents) present on a Sunday morning -- not all of them are Episcopalians, mind you! I spoke with many of the children personally. The church was PACKED!

One young girl stood next to me a good deal of the time -- she was very quiet, but attentive to everything that was going on. I asked her if she would like to stand next to me as I did the closing blessing -- she stood next to me, and I invited all the children (yes, really) to come up and help me do the blessing -- they did, and it was a Spirit-filled moment in the service.

After the service was over, there was a barbeque lunch. As is my custom, I went table to table to talk to the people as I ate my hamburger (I'm really good at eating while walking around). I came to this young girl's table, and she introduced me to her parents and grandparents. We had a lovely chat about the service (they are Roman Catholic). They had never seen a woman bishop before, and they had lots of questions for me.

Right as I was saying my last goodbyes, this young girl ran up to me, took this charm off her bracelet and handed it to me -- "I want you to remember me -- I'll always remember you" she said to me.

I will -- I promised. And I do.

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  1. My maternal grandparents were Roman Catholics. What I remember is that when they visited our Episcopal Church, which was a very spiky Anglo-Catholic parish, they behaved with utmost respect, genuflecting at the Altar before the Blessed Sacrament, participating in the Mass, and receiving communion. In their minds, we were as catholic as they were.