Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episcopal Asian Ministry New Year Celebration

This was my first experience with all the various churches at a joint New Year celebration this past Sunday. Hosted by St. Mary's Mariposa, almost all the congregations involved in Asian ministry in the Diocese were there.

Celebrating the New Year with lessons and carols was wonderful. Each of the congregations presented a representative song or dance for each of the assigned lessons. the lessons were read in the various languages in which the Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday in the diocese. Beautiful costumes and sweet voices filled st. Mary's Sanctuary.

Asian ministry in the Episcopal Church is as varied as the cultures that make it up. In this diocese Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese), Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and Japanese congregations comprise our ministry. The languages are different, as are the cuisines and cultures. Yet we come together to celebrate the one thing in coming: Asian heritage.

While there may have been historic cultural divisions between the various Asian groups that make up this ministry, all come together joyfully as followers of Jesus Christ, working and celebrating at times like this jointly and collaboratively to the glory of God. Oh that this world could mirror such love and care.

I wonder what we will be doing next year for this celebration?

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