Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lenten Camino

We didn't go very far -- a little less than 3 miles, but we did it. We walked part of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. It was a beautiful walk. Peregrinos (Pilgrims) who looked as though they were at the end of a LONG walk, passed us on the road. When we entered the square where the Church is, you could see the joy on the faces of those who had made the long journey -- we were happy for them, and for each of us who did the "abbreviated version".

There are several members of our Diocesan community who are planning future pilgrimages on the Camino. There is a part of me that longs to join them. I remember feeling so moved just by the short journey -- I could only imagine the movement of my spirit if I undertook the whole (or a large part of) the walk.

I'm thinking about the Camino and journey this Lenten season. We all are on a journey -- a journey of faith. We meet fellow pilgrims along the road--some enhance our journey, some try to stop us cold. Yet, the one who is always walking with us is our Lord and Savior.

This season of Lent I've given up two things -- playing online Scabble/Words with Friends and all processed sugar (including chardonnay!). In place of the time I used to play online word games -- I've taken on extending my walks this Lent. I hope, by the end of Lent, to walk the minimum number of miles to get what would be my "certificate" for completing the Camino. More, I hope that well before the end of the year to walk the "full Camino" -- not literally, but figuratively by the amount of walking I accumulate each day. Why? I'm still so struck by the Camino -- and how, even with people around me, at peace I felt. I feel at peace when I walk -- so I have taken that on this year. As a shell is the symbol for the pilgrimage, I'm thinking of collecting shells along the way during the months ahead. The shell -- I loved using those to do baptisms!

I wish you all a blessed, holy Lent. I wonder what I will find as I wander on my "Camino" walks. Shells? Fellow pilgrims? Hmmmmm.

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  1. Glad to have you as a fellow peregrino! I will pray you through your year-equivalent of walking the Camino as I know you are praying for me as I prepare the Camino de Santiago come Spring of 2014.