Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Of Starbucks and Converts

To all -- I meant to post this when I returned from the Church Pension Fund Board meeting, but fell behind. Here it is now --
It was one of those moments where I leaned forward and watched the screen carefully.
Here I was, on a plane flying back from my first Church Pension Fund Board Meeting. I was tired (being a trustee is a great deal of work, but it is very satisfying). I started watching "On Demand" television -- the UNDERCOVER MARATHON on USA -- Law and Order SVU and NCIS -- my two favorites. Whoo Hoo! What a nice way to travel back home on a night flight. I sat back, pulled out this iPad to work on a file and listen to/watch the shows.
Well, there are commercials. "No problem," I thought to myself. I haven't watched much TV lately (except for Downton Abbey), and definitely not TV with commercials. I lowered my eyes and worked on my file when the commercial started. I wasn't paying attention to it, I was working. Then it happened -- I heard the new STARBUCKS commercial -- something about it made my eyes look at the screen. It is the commercial for the new Starbucks Blonde coffee. Have you seen it? There is a young person introducing the viewer to the coffee. She talked about this being a milder coffee, and it's drawing new people to Starbucks.
At the end, the message was something along the lines of "if you've never tried us, or tried us before and didn't like us, come back". And then the real ending: "converts wanted".
Converts wanted. Starbucks. The Episcopal Church has much to offer those who have tried Christianity in other forms but found it lacking. Our arms are wide enough to embrace all -- indeed, that is exactly what drew me to this church. I was once a "convert" to the Episcopal Church, and happily so.
The Episcopal Church -- Converts wanted. Try us out. You'll like us!
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  1. Zing! Excellent. I like to watch commercials to see which of the Seven Deadlies they promote (Avarice, Envy and Lust are always top contenders). Nice that you found one in a more positive vein.

    (aka Gretchen R. WhoDat Chateau)