Friday, June 21, 2013

EAM Friday, June 21st

We started out with breakfast early at the Hyatt and then had the opportunity to take a group photograph of most of the people from Los Angeles. Some didn't make the photo, but I hope we will be able to do that at some time.

Morning prayer was offered, with remembering the people, events we celebrate and the challenges that we still face in this ministry. So many people are here, which is wonderful to see! The number of young people here is amazing. They will be heading out after this morning's keynote to head to asian history places today, including Angel Island, China Town, the Asian Art Museum, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church.

Bishop Stacy Sauls then offered the keynote address on Domestic Mission with a focus on the poor. Bishop Sauls told a wonderful story about meeting Jesus in the Cincinnati airport in the form of a shoe shine man. During the conversation with the shoe shine man, the man offered these wise words -- "If you can't get along with your brother or sister, you can't get along with me." This sparked something in Bishop Sauls, and he went on to offer the words of Jesus in his devotion of the poor. It is in meeting the poor, we meet Jesus ourselves. Jesus said we will always be in close proximity to the poor precisely because we are his disciples. We will always have the opportunity to share with them.

Bishop Sauls went on to offer that the poor are an incarnate reality, and in particular one poor person at the home. Not someone anonymous, but someone we meet and know, not someone anonymous. Jesus is saying -- start being with the poor -- starting being the poor. It is in those who are poor that we meet -- that we meet Jesus.

Bishop Sauls then opened up the group for questions. Good questions and comments were offered.

A panel of all bishops in attendance (10 of us, including 2 bishops from the Philippines, the Archbishop of Korea and 1 bishop from Japan) sat and answered questions from the group. Good questions were asked, and bishops responded as they felt moved to do or asked to do by the person with the question. Here is a picture of me answering a question -- I believe it was during the question of community based developments in any diocese. I just wish you could see ALL the bishops! It was great to hear fellow Bishops Prince Singh, Bob Fitzpatrick, Barry Beisner, Stacy Sauls and Mary Gray-Reeves speak on various issues. More, it was important that we were all there supporting this ministry.

After lunch, the various convocations met to elect new officers, do other business and make reports. I made it to all of them except one -- by the time I got there, they were done and gone.

Tonight I'm heading out with the Chinese Convocation for dinner in honor of two visitors: the Rev. Peter Koon from Hong Kong, and the Rev. Richard Lee from Taiwan.

I'll end by posting some of the pictures from the various convocation meetings -- it was so gratifying to see the faces of so many people from Los Angeles here! The rooms were packed with people! What a great blessing for the Church!

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