Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Bishop Goes to Camp -- DAY BEFORE CAMPERS

You may be thinking to yourself, "Didn't she just get back from India?" The answer is -- yes, I did -- this past Tuesday. It is Saturday afternoon and I am at Camp Stevens as "Bishop in Residence" for this -- Adventure Session IV. Staff meet tonight and go over the theme for the week and staff will find out who are in their triads after dinner. Tonight and tomorrow I will be joined by Mike Stone (of the Diocese of San Diego) and our own Kay Sylvester (St. Paul's in Tustin) -- Mike and Kay will serve as chaplains for the week. My job? Well, let's say, there is no job description for "Bishop in Residence" -- and my hope is that it will involve LOTS of time in the Arts and Crafts area.

Among the MANY things I love about Camp Stevens is their use of land to produce food, and their food philosophy. I took a picture of their food philosophy info board -- it really makes good sense health and planet-wise. In many ways, it was what we were eating in India the last few weeks, with the addition of LOTS of fresh veggies, which we couldn't eat while in India. I'm looking forward to continuing the healthy eating I began in India -- I lost some weight there, and look forward to keeping up the good work here. Plus, let's be honest, the food here is DELICIOUS!!!

I had to take a peek at ONE of the gardens (didn't go to the one down the road). Fresh fruit, veggies, flowers, herbs -- all growing. Beautiful! The other wonderful addition to the area behind the Dining Hall is the chickens -- maybe 70? -- the chickens provide the bulk of the eggs used during the summer sessions -- lots of eggs being used here! How fresh can you get?

I hope you'll spend the week with me -- check out the blog. I'll fill you in on my camping adventures -- who knows -- there may be a tie dye shirt in my future! I won't spoil the fun by revealing the theme for the week or which staff members are doing what duties -- all shall be revealed in the days to come!

I wonder how many of the campers I'll know from my travels around the Diocese when they arrive tomorrow?

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Location:Camp Stevens, Julian, CA United States

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