Sunday, March 23, 2014

St. Peter's Preschool

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of being with the clergy and laity of St. Peter's in San Pedro. As it was the day before St. Patrick's Day we used a Celtic Liturgy to mark the occasion. It was the day they were kicking off their stewardship focus for the year based on The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) theme of Walking the Way. I had worked with the vestry earlier this year and introduced them to the TENS theme. As with a few other churches in the diocese, they picked up on the theme and ran with it!

At the time of the announcements passports were handed out to everyone. You see, they looked at The Way as in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compestela in Spain during which the pilgrim receives a passport that is stamped along the route. St. Peter's parishioners are going to use the passports during the year, receiving stamps in them as they attend various events at the church. The FIRST stamps were received on Sunday by those who chose to make a "pilgrimage" up to the preschool run by the YWCA on St. Peter's Campus. I was also given a passport, and as I made the short trek to the preschool, I received my first stamp!

The director of the program took us on a tour of the facilities -- how beautiful! The school has the ability to care for up to 60 children, and their current enrollment is about 43. If you or a friend or family member live or work in the San Pedro area and you have infants and/or preschoolers, you may want to consider the program at St. Peter's! I leave you will pictures of the preschool.

I wonder what kind of stamp I'll receive at St. Peter's the next time I make a pilgrimage there?

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