Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last Day in Hong Kong

We woke up early, had breakfast at the Mariner's Club and said goodbye to some of the Bishops and Spouses who were heading home. We still have one full day to go -- we leave tomorrow for Kuala Lumpur.

We got to the ferry and took the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island, where we took a taxi to the area to pay for the tram to take us to the top of Victoria Peak. It wasn't took long of a wait, so we got up there within half an hour or so. We went up to the 360 degree view area and saw, on this clear morning, a beautiful view of Hong Kong. It is so amazing to be up above all these very, very tall buildings. What was even more surprising were the houses up at the top were people live! Alas, the only downfall for me was the mall you had to go up and through to get to the view. It is VERY commercialized up at the peak, although there are great hiking trails all around.

We went down and then visited St. John's Cathedral Bookstore. No trip to Hong Kong is complete without this stop. They have amazing Christian gifts made in China that I've not been able to find elsewhere. Staff presents and other presents were purchased, and we went on our way again.

We stopped for lunch at the place where Ada's father always took his lunch and conducted business. Great dim sum! Our new friend KC met us, and we talked about the church in the Province of Hong Kong, and his work for the Province and for the Cathedral he is involved in -- All Saints in Western Kowloon. It was a wonderful conversation with our new friend. He then took us on a walk where we were able to see Ming Hua seminary and the old Provincial offices. Off we were then to the tram that goes around Hong Kong Island. We had a nice ride, but we had things to do, so we got off, got on the MRT and headed back to the ferry.

Back over to Kowloon, we walked back (quite the walk) from the Star Ferry. We passed Jardine House (Jardine headquarters!) and the Apple store -- we couldn't believe the lines inside, so Steve snapped this picture.

Ada and I stopped long enough to wash our faces -- I left Steve back at the Mariner's Club to pack and Ada and I headed out to see All Saints Cathedral in Western Kowloon. When we arrived the Bishop was addressing a gathering, so KC gave us a tour of the facilities (we hadn't told the bishop we were coming -- so I was happy not to "surprise" him). All Saints has a secondary school and is an active congregation.

Ada and I then headed over to a place to get a foot massage -- the two of us realized that our feet and legs were killing us! It was a wonderful treat, and a good way to relax.

We headed back to the hotel where we picked up Steve and headed over for dinner. We were able to sit and eat where we could see the laser light show at 8:00 -- what a great treat! The weather was clear so we go look at all the glowing buildings and the water. Priceless! It was a great way to end a beautiful trip to Hong Kong!

I have spoken about mission and ministry in this Province of the Anglican Communion -- the newest and smallest of the provinces, yet with so much energy and focus on the needs of the poor, the voiceless, and the vulnerable. Now I'd like to make some general observations about Hong Kong

I love this city, its energy and people. While it feels crowded, it feels alive!

You can't see the stars -- there is so much light pollution from the buildings that if you see 1 or 2 of them in the night sky you are doing well!

The food is fabulous!

We never had problems getting around or finding our way around -- everything is very well marked, and the people are helpful.

I can't wait to return!

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