Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Things People Do . . .

I just returned home from a great Sunday -- two beautiful services at St. Michael's in Studio City -- what a transformation that place has had! From the last time that I was there, it's had a "face lift" -- renovations and creative use of space. Confirmations, Receptions, Baptisms -- a beautiful day! The Very Rev. Dan Justin, ably assisted by the Rev. Stephanie Wilson, is doing a fine job there. Lots of good energy and the Spirit was moving!

Then I went over to the Cathedral Center for to listen to a re-reading of a sermon, given 150 years ago today on the death of Abraham Lincoln. The Episcopal Chorale was there, singing beautifully as always. The Lincoln High School Drum Line was also  there -- a wonderful addition to the day. It was a very moving service -- with a call to action in terms of all of us still needing to work together to make sure every human being has equal opportunities for employment, earnings, healthcare, etc. The work started by Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is not done yet. We need to carry on the work.

Then -- I returned home. To find this. Where my wreathes normally are hung, I found this hung on the nail where the wreathes go. At first I thought someone had stolen my wreath and replaced it with a note! It turns out that Steve had taken the wreath I had on there down and was going to ask me which one I wanted him to hang in its place.

Instead -- I found this. I initially folded it to throw it away, but then I decided to blog about it.


1. Do I know you?
2. Are you a neighbor I don't know about?
3. Do you know who I am and how I pray?
4. Do you think this is your attempt to "save" me -- how do you know the state of my soul?
5. Did you see me in my clerical collar and that offended you (it has happened).
6. While I applaud the zeal in which you want to proselytize, it would be helpful, if you are a member of a community of faith, for you to put the name and address, phone number and email address of said community on your flyer (there wasn't anything!). Are you remaining anonymous for a reason? Did you put your contact information on previous flyers and you were called and, well, in the vernacular, reamed a new one?

I find it offensive to have this posted on my wall in my doorway. I find it offensive because it is anonymous. I find it offensive because I have Buddhist, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and Taoist neighbors. I take offense on their behalf. I would much rather engage in a conversation with someone than have them leave me a glossy, expensively printed piece of paper in my entryway that I can't even respond to.

So -- whoever did this, I am praying for you. I am praying for the community of faith you are part of. I'm praying.l

I'm glad my day had me centered and very prayerful -- that will come in handy when I take this late-afternoon intrusion in my day to my night prayers this evening.

I wonder if I will wander into the person who left this on my entryway wall -- and what kind of conversation he/she will have with me, if any?

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  1. Oh brother! It's laughable... sad... annoying... offensive... prayer provoking when someone tries to "save us" from ourselves. I'm very glad that God has a lot more room for diversity than "man" does. I'm glad you blogged about this. It's something to think about.