Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch with "The Great Eight"

Yesterday I wandered to Redondo Beach and enjoyed the Deanery 8 Clericus meeting -- otherwise known as "the Great Eight" as their Dean, Bob Cornner likes to refer to them. We ate lunch at the Blue Water Grill, and had a chance to talk between bites.

It was great to see so many from this deanery at lunch! More than that, there was a wonderful feeling of the Spirit moving among us. Appointments were made, thoughts and ideas were shared--including an idea for a new ministry in a parish.

I think Jesus understood the power of sharing a meal. I know I felt that power yesterday with the "Great Eight"-- or as Liz Habecker rightly quipped -- "The Great Ate!" I wonder what would happen if we all started sharing meals together with people we work with, or with those we may not particularly get along with. Hmmm...


PS -- Thank you Bob Cornner for the great picture -- of course Bob, the Dean of Deanery 8 is taking the picture so you can't see him, but he was there!


  1. You have a blog! Hooray! Another way to get to know you. :-_

  2. Diane 主教: Thank you for letting us wander and wonder with you. I know it is going to be fun and fast. Hopefully we can keep up with you.