Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out and About

I have been out wandering all this week -- Irvine, Fullerton, Whittier, Riverside, Hacienda Heights -- Wow! An incredible amount of mission and ministry going on!

I was so impressed with the Community Demonstration Garden project at Emmanuel Fullerton that I purchased a "plot" of land -- Although I cannot be out there to work the plot, a group from the parish will do that for me. (I hope they plant spinach -- I LOVE spinach!) This is opening up the parish to the community in such a unique way -- surrounding community members are also purchasing plots -- this is awesome! The garden is being planted in specially designed raised beds. There will be a few "tall" beds for those who find it difficult to bend down. The garden is open to the community, and will be open for tours. This newly re-designed piece of the Emmanuel, Fullerton property also includes a labyrinth and will include an arbor where grapes will be grown. If you are thinking of creating such a garden, contact Rob and Lyn. Rob and Lyn and the people of Emmanuel, thank you!!

Speaking about thank yous, THANK YOU St. Matthias Whittier for the wonderful feeding program that happens there and for whom more than 100 people line up every day. Wow! Pictures above....and gratefully so to the Junior Warden of the Parish. I loved handing out cake to those who came to eat. Rumor has it that a local cooking school prepares the meals every Thursday and Friday -- and they are delicious (not that the food the other days isn't wonderful -- you know what I mean!).

The more I wandered, the more I realized that so much of what I am doing right now is listening and connecting. When I stood in line handing out cake at St. Matthias, I noticed people from the office came out to see if the rumor was true -- "Is the Bishop really out there working in the food line?" Yes, I was -- and I loved it! It was my birthday, and I felt as though I received the best present -- being able to serve.

I'm looking forward to "return trips" -- hopefully quarterly -- to all the congregations I'm visiting.

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  1. What wonderful wanderings. The food program looks excellent.

    When I was in 9th grade LONG ago, I lived at El Toro Marine Base, which is no longer in existence. That was near Irvine at one time, but I hear that Irvine is massive; it wasn't back in 1965!