Monday, July 5, 2010

The Car

I've been on the job one month, and have managed to put over 2,000 miles on my car. How did this happen? Well, I've been on the road a LOT! It's been a great joy to travel around the diocese and visit congregations. I look forward to continuing this in the months and years ahead.

Today I got the bug to actually clean out my trunk. Carrying my vestments and crozier in the back seat isn't always feasible (especially if people want to sit back there!), and, well, looking at the contents of my trunk didn't instill confidence that anything I put back there wouldn't come out filthy. So, there I was, climbing into the trunk (it's big!), and getting all the junk out.

What did I find? Over 15 reusable grocery bags from: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Vons, Pavillions, GOT MILK, and the General Convention. I didn't find the expensive cloth bag I bought at the farmer's market last year -- that one is still MIA. I also found various "carry" bags, including ones from the ECW, Royal Carribean Cruise Line (where did I get that???), and Old North Church in Boston. In addition, all my ceramics bins were back there, full of dry clay and dust. A bag with tupperware, cards, books and mugs from about 6 months ago was in the cargo pouch. My yoga mat and towel took up one corner. Jimmy Hoffa -- that was a relief.

When I tried to vacuum out the trunk with the hand held Oreck vacuum -- it was slow going. I didn't find the attachment I really needed to do the job, and then it happened -- I broke the hose (how did that happen??? I still don't know). So, being the resourceful person I am, I went into the house and got the big upright Oreck, plugged it in, stood up in the trunk, and vacuumed it out as though it were the living room rug. Yep, you guessed it -- clean as a whistle!

So, I offer the before and after pictures above. I also offer this word of caution -- when you start a project such as this, be prepared that you'll move on to other projects that have been bugging you for quite a while. Be prepared -- it's going to take most of your morning (if you start it then). My office closet hasn't looked this good in a while either. Steve promised he'd take my car to the car wash this afternoon -- after he gets done washing the upstairs windows.

Now -- off to cook some ragu alla bolognese with my daughter -- it's a cool, overcast day here. Just right for cooking large batches of pasta sauce that will take most of the afternoon to simmer!

Tonight? Dining in the back yard al fresco -- enjoying our sauce and each other.


  1. You inspired me to vacuum and armor-al the car. Guess it's the clergy thing to do on a long weekend.

  2. Wow!! Now I don't feel quite so bad about the variety store in my trunk!! Good for you! You (almost) inspire me to do more than just empty out the school stuff I lugged home last month. :-)