Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diamonds are Forever

Saturday night Steve and I went to a benefit for Hillsides -- an incredible ministry for children.
This ministry started over 95 years ago in the Diocese of Los Angeles. The theme for this event was "Diamonds are Forever". It was a black tie event with silent and live auctions and a wonderful dinner.

Our host was Margaret Campbell, board member and a long time supporter of Hillsides. As this was my first black tie event as a bishop I had 2 choices -- clericals or something secular. I chose something secular, including putting on 3 inch heels which I haven't worn since ordination in 1997. I think the air is thinner that tall!

It was a wonderful event, and I am posting pictures of our hostess Margaret with Bishop Mary Glasspool and myself as well as Margaret with longtime friend Bishop Jon Bruno.

It was a thrill to be at this great event with board member the Rev. Ryan Newman as well as celebrities Fritz Coleman, Dr. Drew and actress Jean Smart.

All these wonderful people, and so many more came together to support Hillsides. From their website,

"Founded 95 years ago, HILLSIDES mission is to create safe places for children, strengthen families, provide special education; and advocate for children's rights. This Southern California non profit creates safe places for children in its residential treatment program where children living in the group homes are in foster care or have been referred by the Department of Mental Health. While on our campus, they reside in a secure, stable environment which enables them to heal and rebuild trusting relatinships with adults."

The fruit of this annual benefit is of benefit to these children -- THEY are the true diamonds and the true stars!
Again, from the Hillsides website: "Diamonds are Forever" is this year's annual benefit theme. Help us unveil the gems in each child we serve.

All these children ARE gems. So is each person who came out last night to raise money for this wonderful, much needed place in our community.

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