Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 35 -- transitioning from Italy to Scotland.

Woke up early (why do I keep thinking I'll sleep in!). Finished packing and headed out to make a small donation to the Church on the Piazza Ognissanti. The brother there who cares for the church is so kind -- we have been there quite frequently to pray. 

There was a Florence to Siena vintage car rally that was being staged to start in the same Piazza:

Back to the townhouse. Edgardo helped us with arranging firms cab and getting our bags down. Now to the airport! Luckily we thought to turn our three VAT forms in here. Whew!

Our flight to Edinburgh took us through Frankfurt --it was delayed by 20 minutes and we only had 1 hour to get to the next gate and get through passport control in Frankfurt. The pilot made up a bit of time and when we landed in Edinburgh Steve and I ended up first in the passport line there.

We gathered our luggage (it made it!), jumped in a cab and headed to Kew House -- 1 Kew Terrace, I took these pictures as we came back after dinner:

I took this one before we left for dinner from inside our room -- you have to love a place that puts fresh flowers in your room!

This will be the first and last place we stay on this journey--we will be back here again at the end on our way home. The innkeepers months ago when image these reservations were kind enough to agree to hold our big suitcase 
for us until  we return here so that we not have smaller bags to carry with us.

The in keepers recommended Iris -- a Scottish fusion restaurant. They made a reservation for us and called us a cab.

Both the cabby from the airport and the cabby to dinner were chatty and very friendly.

Dinner was excellent!
Yes, more meat.

We took a walk and took in Edinburgh. We both had such a great time here in 2009!

We both notes we are not in Italy any more! 

Back to readjust a few packing needs and then off to bed.

It's funny how flying makes us both tired!

Not too many steps today:
11,648 -- 4.52 miles. I think most of the steps came from going from one gate to another in frankfurt!

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