Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day Five Vacation: Montmartre one more time and long day of Walking again

We started out the day sleeping in -- yes! We had a lazy morning then headed off in the Metro to Montmartre. 

Steve and I decided it would be fun to eat at the place where Amelie worked in the film by the same name. It was!

Here are some pictures for those who are interested in Amelie --
Steve looks happy in the restaurant!

And of course there were scenes in the restroom -- so I had to check that out. In addition, in the restroom area there is an area dedicated to Amelie:

We kept on walking and went up the hill to Sacre Couer again. As with all churches, I stopped to say a prayer and light a candle. You can't take pictures in the church, but the view outside was beautiful!

What was funny was a group of young men were selling Eiffel Tower key chains. The tour guide the night we took the Eiffel Tower told us that the police keep trying to arrest them -- they sell the keychains 5 for 1 Euro whereas they go for 5 Euros each in stores. According to the guide, the police found where they were storing them once -- which was in a sewer -- thousands of them. This day there were young men selling them on the steps of Sacre Couer -- and all of a sudden they scattered -- two police officers on bicycles came around the corner and stopped at the top of the stairs, one running down after the sellers. When I looked down the stairs there were two more police officers at the bottom -- again one stayed on his bike and the other was with another seller. I guess that's team works.

We stopped for a coffee and a little nosh on our walk -- it was great to walk around the streets.

We walked some more -- not taking pictures, but enjoying each other and the walk.

That night we met Melinda and Pierre Whalon for dinner at a great restaurant -- La Fontaine de Mars.

Here we are -- two Bishops!

And after dinner selfie:

Sos not too many pictures today -- but I'm sure tomorrow's entry will have more -- a tour of Monet's Home and Gardens as well as the last place Vincent Van Gogh lived (and where Steve will see the room he had his photo taken with at the D'Orsay.

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