Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fifth Full Day in Paris -- Preaching at the Cathedral

I was up early and putting yet another last minute "tweak" on my sermon. Thankfully the Dean of the Cathedral was able to print it out for me!

Because I had to carry my gear with me, we decided to take a cab. This was not as easy as it sounds given the fact that there was some kind of marathon being run. The cab driver was very frustrated trying to get us from the Right Bank to the Left Bank -- finally I pulled out my iPhone and called up Google Maps and showed him an unblocked route. I don't know when that's happened before, and if that is a normal function of Google Maps, but I was certain happy it did!

Once again we were welcomed warmly by the people at the Cathedral!

I preached and celebrated at the 9:00 service (which is a small service), and lead a discussion on Celtic Spirituality at the 9:45 Forum. 

Before the 11:00 service I took the opportunity to take pictures of some wonderful, dedicated members of the Cathedral:

At 11:00 I was ready to go as preacher. As we lined up I was reminded that Bishop Jeffrey Rowthorn was the author of the opening and closing hymns, and that Bishop Whalon composed the music for the closing hymn! The opening hymn is one of my favorites, and it was so good to spend some time with it's author:

1 Lord, you give the great commission: 
"Heal the sick and preach the Word." 
Lest the church neglect its mission 
and the gospel go unheard, 
help us witness to your purpose 
with renewed integrity; 

with the Spirit's gifts empower us 
for the work of ministry. 

2 Lord, you call us to your service: 
"In my name baptize and teach." 
That the world may trust your promise  
life abundant meant for each  
give us all new fervor, draw us 
closer in community; Refrain 

3 Lord, you make the common holy: 
"This my body, this my blood." 
Let us all, for earth's true glory, 
daily lift life heavenward, 
asking that the world around us 
share your children's liberty; Refrain 

4 Lord, you show us love's true measure: 
"Father, what they do, forgive." 
Yet we hoard as private treasure 
all that you so freely give. 
May your care and mercy lead us 
to a just society; Refrain 

5 Lord, you bless with words assuring: 
"I am with you to the end." 
Faith and hope and love restoring, 
may we serve as you intend, 
and, amid the cares that claim us,

                                                                  hold in mind eternity; Refrain 

From the pulpit I took the liberty of taking the following pictures:

After the service I met up with longtime family friend Allan and his friend and her mother. We went to lunch at a Danish restaurant here in Paris:

We then headed over to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a modern art museum. It is a beautiful building designed by Frank Gehry. Here are some of the pictures from the Museum:

We then went back to the hotel to change and went to Le Fumoir -- a French restaurant that has a swedish chef. Little did we know it was Swedish Dinner Night on Sunday! So we had Danish food for lunch, and Swedish food for dinner -- in Paris! Here is my dinner (duck with red cabbage and baked apple) and dessert (yes, really -- have you ever had cloudberry jam? Neither did I, until last night)...

It is so good being with Allan!

Well, I'm officially on vacation now -- no more groups to help coordinate or dinners to arrange. No more official visits to churches or tours to acclimate myself to a city. Just spending time with Steve in Paris. We will take some fun tours for ourselves -- and rest and read and drink coffee and eat croissants. Yes, really.

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