Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day Four Vacation: Chartres!

We were looking forward to this trip to Chartres!

Unlike the other tours we had signed up for, although we were picked up and driven to Chartres in a small group, the tour guide was rather quiet. He was great about introducing us to the history of Chartres and to the windows in the building. He did, however, have a specific religious bend that I found rather perturbing. Yes, that's the nice way to put it.

Here are some of the pictures I took at Chartres:

The guide pointed out that this is one of the stopping points on the way to Santiago de Compestela -- hence this marking on the sidewalk in front of the church:

The windows were magnificent -- the guide walked us through the stories depicted in the windows.

And although it was covered this day, the labrynth was so impressive to see.

We visited a stained glass museum as well:

And here we have the former Bishop's house -- pretty fancy if you ask me -- and it was even bigger on the other side!

And of course the Bishop's garden -- check out the labrynth in it:

Nice view from the walkway by the Cathedral and the Bishop's home:

We also walked around the town  -- seeing one of the oldest buildings still in use:

Loved the little streets:

We got back and took a LONG walk -- it was not supposed to be as long as it was, but Steve got turned around. And turned around. And turned around.

We finally ended up eating dinner at Romano's -- which I understand is one of Bishop Whalon's favorite restaurants!

Even though our guide was't as good as he could have been personality or information wise, all in all it was a trip well worth taking and it was a great day!

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