Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 12: Rome and Florence

We woke up early and went to St. Clement's Basilica -- Mike, Deb and Donna loved seeing the ruins underneath! We were not allowed to take any photos inside the Basilica or down in the excavated areas underneath the Basilica. Once again I was amazed at the beauty of the frescos underneath. I especially enjoyed the dedication to St. Cyril and St. Methodius. In the "modern" Basilica (1100), I was able to light a candle and offer prayers for those who I have been carrying on my heart this trip. I love this part of my sabbatical -- the ability to offer prayers in so many different holy spaces for those I am carrying with me.

We next walked to St. Mary Maggiore -- where we passed through another Holy Door (after having passed through X-ray screening again). It was another prayerful moment for me going this Holy Door. 

In the crypt area we were able to see part of the Crèche of Jesus, and the burial place of one of the popes:

More candles lit, more prayers said.

We got back to the hotel and caught a cab to Roma Termini Train Station. We had lunch at the train station and then boarded our train back to Florence. It's a quick trip -- about 1 1/2 hours on the high speed train! It is overcast today, so the ride back, though still beautiful, wasn't as lovely (or let me say it was lovely in a different way) today.

It is fun riding on the high speed train! We do this on .italo -- a private train in Italy! 

Steve met us at the train station with umbrellas. It was drizzling, but nothing too hard.

Steve bought fresh bread, basil and tomatoes at the Mercato Centrale. With the mozzarella we bought the other day, Steve and Mike made us Bruchetta for a snack!

At 6:15 pm we started heading over to the Mercato Centrale for our cooking class. As we were walking, it started to POUR! It was a big downpour -- only one of us had an umbrella. My jacket kept me dry, but as I was walking under a cloth overhang in the street market the overhang gave way and soaked me with water -- as if large buckets where being poured on me -- I was fine under my jacket but my legs were soaked!

We made it over to the Mercato, soaking wet! We signed in and went into the class.

We had SO MUCH FUN! We learned to make a simple (yet delicious!) ragu and homemade pasta. The chef also talked us through, if we want to try it at home, making ravioli.

 Here are ALL the pictures I took (I posted most but not all of them already on Facebook, but here they all are in order):

It was a wonderful, very full day -- prayerful in Rome to eating homemade pasta in Florence!

Steps walked today: 15,451, 5.94 miles.

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