Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 24: Long Walks and the Duomo at night in Florence

Another beautiful day began with prayers and writing. A late start getting out the front door.  Of course I couldn't help but see more holy things in ordinary places:
And not-so-ordinary things in ordinary places:

Yet another trip to the Mercato Centrale for dinner provisions with a stop for lunch there -- veggie burger for me -- 
yes really!

It was one of those days in which my body just wanted to move. So I did -- a long walk to the Roman gate:

And then back to the townhouse via a different route:

During the walk I was in a t shirt and jeans and I was sweating! I counted 28 people on the street wearing what I refer to as 'puffy jackets or vests' -- the ones that look quilted and are puffy. Really! It's hot out here people! But I noticed this too in Rome -- so many Italians like the puffy vest or jacket look -- and some had scarves on to boot!

When I got back I rested for a few minutes then met up with the group to go for  -- GELATO! But first we met up at the tea house Steve and I found the other day. Iced tea was very welcomed on this warm day!

Then -- ta da!:
This time at Santa Trinita-- the pistachio was great! They put out this tray of grapefruit gelato as I was standing in line -- not tempting to me:

On the way back we found a new church (old church -- new to us!) to go into:

Beautiful! Again -- prayers offered for those I am carrying on my heart.

We made dinner at 'home' -- fresh tagliatelle with a salad and asparagus and fresh bread. Yum!

A long after-dinner walk for us to the Duomo at night -- wow!

It was interesting to be in the Duomo Square at night -- people were there, but it wasn't as crowded as during the day, and the lighting on the Duomo was beautiful!

It felt good to walk today -- just walk and 'be' in Florence. I became lost in thought often -praying, writing prayers in my head, thinking and praying for those I have been carrying on my heart. 

Total steps today: 26,956 -- 10.37 miles.

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  1. It seems so unreal that you can just walk out your door and be surrounded by such magnificent structures.