Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 27: Rainy Day and Donatello.

Woke up to heavy rains and thunderstorms today -- happy to see it, not so happy to walk in it! It is much colder out as well.

Started the day with a 'spread' for breakfast -- salamis, cheeses, fresh bread, fruit, cereal, locally bought jams and jellies -- and of course coffee -- delicious! That's one way to gather at the table!

We headed toward the Basilica of San Lorenzo to see the old Sacristy (Steve and I saw the new Sacristy designed by Michelangelo last weekend -- today's adventure was to see the one designed by Brunelleschi and to see some works by Donatello including the pulpit.)

We got there through the rain -- bought our tickets and headed into the church. The first order of business was to light a candle and offer prayers for those I am carrying on my heart--

Next was going to the Old Sacristy:

It is beautiful! The cube shaped room with a sphere at the top was beautiful -- and the carvings over the door by Donatello were amazing. 

Back in the Basilica I learned from the art historian there that Michaelangelo designed/made the reliquary above the main doors:

And that the altar is made of marble -- stunningly beautiful!

The bronze pulpit by Donatello was covered as it is in the process of being refurbished. Drat!

Next was going down into the museum to see not only the treasures of the church but also the burial place of Donatello:

And in the museum-- more reliquaries. Here are a few:

And the largest, most ornate:

And a heavily decorated monstrance:

We took a walk past Dante's house:

And went back to the Mercato Centrale for pizza. 

Next -- gelato of course!

With a piece of art next to it:

A bit of shopping for a leather jacket for one member of our group and then we were back 'home' for most of the afternoon to try and let the rain pass.

I was able to do some writing which was a great release for me -- so much to write and pray about on this trip!

Dinner was back at our favorite restaurant where we celebrated Steve's retirement from Bizsoftware. As it was just he and his partner, Steve wrote his own retirement speech and presented himself with a watch (Max helped him with that part). Steve bought the watch with the help of my twin Deb in Venice.

It was wonderful to see Steve light up, acknowledge his accomplishments and be serious, happy and silly at the same time! Max and Steve cracked up:

We had a delicious dinner together and then went for a long walk towards the Duomo. It had stopped raining.

On our walk we noticed that there was a special truck we had never seen before dealing with the garbage. As there isn't regular garbage pickup and people bring their garbage to central areas in each neighborhood (we know where ours is!) -- we were able to see how they 'empty' these receptacles--

Our walk took us by the Duomo and Brunelleschi's done was lit up-- 

It is so beautiful -- the Duomo at night that is.

We saw the Santa Novella Officina Prefumo Farmaceutica from across the street walking back to the townhouse -- and marveled at the fact that we couldn't find it a few days before:

And then Max pointed out this sign on a pharmacy down the street:

Guess we weren't the only ones who couldn't find it!

Today felt a bit lazy but wonderful in depth, in prayer, in laughter, in joy and in delight.

Total steps walked: 16,013 -- 6.16 miles

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