Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 23: Central Market, Gelato and cooking

This is the day that I've been waiting for: the only "eating out" that is planned is for gelato. 

A walk to the Mercato Centrale always provides interesting sights I hadn't noticed before, especially random items of beauty and holiness in the middle of 'nowhere' which is actually 'somewhere':

And buildings I walked by on one side of the street for weeks but when I walked on the opposite side of the street today I could see this --
For me it is a metaphor for trying to see and/or understand all sides -- the 'view' on any issue is different depending upon where we 'stand'. It is important to try to see all sides before we pass judgement on someone or something. How often we just take things at face value or don't ask questions -- or don't cross the street!

More walking -- We arrived at the market itself. So many stalls, so much to choose from-- I offer just a few pictures:

I love the fresh produce and the fresh pasta! It was sandwiches for lunch and fresh pasta and a salad made of various greens I have fallen in love with! I will take pictures of the greens tomorrow. We bought pear and cheese ravioli to cook as an afternoon snack, and ricotta and spinach ravioli for dinner. 

Three long walks today and writing in between:

Another find today that I loved -- the other day I found 'Piazza del Purgatorio' -- today I found this, with a priory (at least what used to be a priory) on the piazza:
Don't we all feel at times we are in a state of limbo -- waiting? It is during these times of our lives that we must wait and trust that no matter what may come, all will be well -- it may not be as we want it to be, but it will be okay. This is difficult -- it is our temptation to worry, to fret, to try to control the outcome-- but we cannot. All we can do is pray.

Here is that priory on the piazza:

In terms of gelato, every day save one I've sampled gelato in every city or area of the city, in the case of Florence. I only order one thing: pistachio. Yes. And sometimes I have two flavors -- but one of them is always pistachio. There. Now I've admitted it -- my addiction to pistachio gelato, and my hunt for the perfect one!

More walking-- and a sunset walk by the Arno river.

I feel very blessed today!

Total steps walked: 21,599 -- 8.31 miles.

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