Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 18:Florence

It's been a flurry of activity here today with last minute shopping by my sisters before they leave tomorrow.

Donna went out early this morning and got baked goods -- it her first foray out on her own her in Florence. No one at the shop spoke English but apparently she made herself understood!

Mike and Steve headed over to the Duomo to see if they could climb it -- if the line wasn't too long to climb to the top of the dome they'd go up. My sisters and I went shopping.

I saw another fun building on the way to find the scarf merchant that they wanted to buy more scarves from:

When we arrived at the area they bought scarves from last weekend the woman said that the carts move around and the cart we were looking for today was in the San Lorenzo market (the large leather market). Uh oh -- LOTS of carts to walk through. 

We made our way over there and found one cart -- not the right cart but one that Donna and Deb liked. We told the woman we'd be back and went on to look for more carts.

I realized the Massimo's store, which was recommended to me by Greg Rickel, was nearby. We heades over there and in short order between the three of us we bought four purses! Here's a picture of me and Massimo:

We went back to the nice scarf vendor and Deb bought scarves for her friends and for Donna and me.

We met Steve and Mike at the Mercato Centrale -- they didn't go up into the dome -- the line was too long -- but they did stop for coffee. Steve and I signed up for another cooking class and we set off to go to lunch.

We had in mind one particular restaurant which was a 30 minute walk away from where we were. When we got there we realized it wasn't what we expected so we decided to head back to the townhouse. Another 25 minute walk! On the way we stopped at the restaurant near the townhouse that we had been trying to go to ever since we got here -- it was good! trattoria Baldini--

After lunch Deb and I walked over to the train station to pick up a few more things. It was nice to walk together.

Back and more packing -- and now resting. 

It's been a quick few weeks with my family -- they will be leaving tomorrow and the energy in the townhouse will change. I miss them already!

What a blessed time it's been!
Total steps today -- 18,067 -- 6.95 miles. 

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