Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 30: To the Doctor we go...

Not a lot of sleep last night as Steve was in a great deal of pain -- he injured his back. Thankfully a Facebook message to a new friend (thank you Erin!!) here in Florence resulted in two great recommendations for doctors. I called one -- who answered the phone as my friend said he would. It is a private clinic. I booked an appointment and we got ready to go over there.

We walked slowly to the doctor's office --  and as is my custom I continued to see 'new' things on the way:

The doctor, from England, specializes in treating expats, study abroad students and English speaking travelers. Whew! We were grateful! Bottom line: the ancient streets and sidewalks here can and do injure backs, knees and feet -- a common ailment apparently of expats and travelers here. I've seen women wearing high heels here and wonder at how they do that without injuring themselves. Apparently if you are used to it you are used to it -- we aren't. My saving grace is my cane! It's like a shock absorber -- bearing the shock to my bad knee. My feet are a bit sore but thanks to good walking/hiking shoes I'm still plugging along well. The doctor gave Steve a prescription for some medicine to handle the pain and inflammation. He also suggested a bit of physical therapy with another doctor in his suite -- we went to see him and set up an appointment for that afternoon. A trip to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and a quick sandwich (Steve standing up to eat!) and we were on our way back to the townhouse.

In the afternoon Steve rested his back and napped. I puttered around the townhouse and wrote -- it was quiet and serene. Edgardo the sexton at St. James dropped off some cleaning supplies for me -- I swiffered and dusted and in between I wrote on my iPad. I was happy Steve had been looked at and that he was being treated -- Scotland here we come (fingers crossed and prayers ascending!).

We went back for the physical therapy appointment later in the afternoon -- wow -- what a difference! Okay, the drugs helped too, but afterwards Steve was improving -- that's what we care about.

We met up with our family who had been out all day and had -- tada -- gelato of course!

We also stopped at a wonderful bakery:

And found some great sidewalk chalk art:

As well as another 'wine door':
It's always an adventure walking the streets of Florence!

Back to the townhouse to rest and then off to dinner. At the recommendation of Jeannie Johnson we went to Trattoria Armando -- Steve could sit without pain which was a great blessing! Dinner was delicious:

I am grateful this day for the many blessings in my life, especially the gift of family and friends and of all the saints and angels I find around me all the time!

Total steps walked today: 20,017-- 7.71 miles.

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