Tuesday, July 3, 2012

General Convention -- Registration

Today is the day we officially register and the Exhibit Hall opens. Tonight Province VIII Synod meets -- I will be there.

I have a habit of arriving one day early at events like this to become acclimated and get the lay of the land. So yesterday Steve and I learned that is is possible to walk most of this downtown area without ever leaving a building -- the skywalk allows you to do so. We walked from where we are staying through the convention center to the mall and back. We found the meeting rooms for the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops. We found the various hotels where meetings will be held and restaurants where various luncheons or dinners are planned. We also took a little time and watched a movie at the theater in the mall.

I love gathering at General Convention and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Yesterday we ran into Barbara Harris, Bonnie Anderson, Dan Daniels, Stacy Sauls, Lisa Gray, Wendell Gibbs, Ellie Rencher, Keith Whitmore, Skip Adams, Sally Johnson, Neva Rae Fox --among many others including LA folk Jim Newman, Keith Yamamoto, Pat McCaughn, Kirby Smith, Cliff Chally and Paul Lawson. Everyone asked about Jon, and I was happy to report that he is doing very well.

My prayer for this convention is that we as a body can work together, pray together, and allow the Spirit to continue to move the church forward.
I will try to post daily, putting up pictures as I am able. I ask your prayers for us all.

I wonder what I will find as I wander over to the Exhibit Hall when it opens at noon today?

Location:Indianapolis Convention Center

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