Monday, July 9, 2012

Another big day

Well, I accidentally slept in and missed my committee meeting this morning. I felt horrible about this (I'm not in charge of the committee, but I still felt bad missing it). I talked with the chair of the committee and all is well -- we are done now, and I shouldn't have to attend another one. I think I really needed the sleep though.

Started out the day with the beautiful Eucharist at which our own Mary Crist preached, and did a phenomenal job! I can't find the video link to it, which I know must be out in cyberspace somewhere, but I will try to find it and post it tomorrow.

Here is the video of Katharine's sermon from yesterday. I know I posted the text yesterday, but it is WELL worth the listen! Speaking of videos, Mary and I took a moment at the lunch hour and went to the Digital Faith booth and filmed a quick, uncut Just Action Video thanks to Patrick, the founder of Digital Faith.

We were in session twice today as the House of Bishops -- the most controversial resolution we discussed was a resolution providing resources for provisional use of liturgies for the blessings of same sex unions. The news article about it can be found here. I will tell you that the discussion was balanced and we all listened to one another. Discussion was not rushed, and many took to the microphone to speak. In the end the resolution prevailed and it was done is a spirit marked with great prayer.

This evening was the Bishop and Spouse dinner in which we "graduates" of the College for Bishops  (otherwise known affectionately as Baby Bishop School) received our awards. It was good to be recognized but also good to be done. During the program portion of the evening, the retiring Bishops and Spouses were honored, which was great to see. At the end, Bishop Cathy Roskam who was honored as one who has just retired took to the microphone and formally passed the tiara of "the shortest active bishop" to me!

It is very late again, and I'm tired! Trying to fight off a cold so I will sign off for now.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow when I'm back up on the dais again in the morning? Might have to sport that tiara!

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  1. Wear that tiara at the fall DOK assembly! LOL! Get rest. I still haven't recovered from DOK Triennial due to the strange time change! Yesterday I had the early service and woke up at 6:00 a.m. eastern time and couldn't get back to sleep! Do they have chamomile tea? Give it a try! Love and prayers!
    Sara L Macdonald