Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The tiara and the beginning of the budget.

I am still fighting a cold, but I am hanging in with all the work we have before us!

I was at the Dispatch meeting this morning in order to be prepared to be on the dais this morning. It was a very well organized meeting (as always). Afterwards, as I wasn't feeling well, I took the opportunity to find a quiet place to rest, reflect and pray, which I did with a grande non-fat cappuccino. By the time I took my seat on the dais I was centered and feeling just a bit better.

My time this morning on the dais was punctuated with the use, at the appropriate time, of my tiara. When the House giggled at my accent as I read the contents of the consent calendar, I put on tiara and my respect quotient rose considerably. Seriously, it was a fun way to address the House, which I had permission from the Presiding Bishop to do.

We tackled lots of legislation, with good discussion and a prayerful process. I am very impressed with the House of Bishops as it meets in Convention!

After a quick lunch we gathered with the deputies of our Diocese in the House of Deputies. We took group pictures and then gathered together as a joint meeting of the Houses to hear the budget presentation. The presentation was very helpful and the budget itself was based on the five marks of mission. It will be discussed first in the House of Deputies and will then go to the House of Bishops.

Back for more legislation. At 4:00 Canon Bonnie Anderson came to address the House. Among sharing her greetings with us, she announced the election of the new President, and that person, the Rev. Gay Jennings, came in to speak with us as well. I have known Gay for a while now and have found her to be wise and kind.

One aspect of our work together that I haven't written about is the work of our Chaplains, Stephanie Spellers and Simon Bautista. Offering noonday and end of day prayers and reflections have been invaluable in our keeping the meeting centered where it should be -- on our relationship with Jesus. They also come and offer prayers with and for us when a vote or a topic may be difficult -- they are Spirit and love-of-God filled!

After dinner with Steve and a friend, I went up to the "Los Angeles" gathering, where Angelenos past and present gathered. It was great to see our deputation as well as Jenny Ladefoged, David Jackson and Ernesto Medina, to name a few. And of course, Bishop Chet and April were there -- I love LA! People spoke about missing Jon, but his presence was definitely felt!

Well, my voice is now gone and I'm going to rest.

I wonder if I will have a voice in the morning?

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  1. Diane, honey and lemon truly do wonderful things for over-used vocal cords... with or without tea.

    Are you going to post of photo of you in the tiara?? :-)

  2. You are in my prayers. Stay strong, we need your voice accent and all.