Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Home Stretch

Well, we are ALMOST done! One more day to go.

Woke up and went to the Dispatch meeting. As Assistant Secretary to the House of Bishops, I'm in training to help the Secretary of the House of Bishops. It has been a great joy to serve with the Rt. Rev. Ken Price, Bishop Suffragan in Ohio, Provisional Bishop in Pittsburgh. He is amazing in his knowledge and energy, and I have already learned so much from him!

The House of Bishops was able to get through all of our legislation today. I know that what we passed is available on a website somewhere, so I'm not gong to go over all of that. What I will say is how impressed I am with the House of Bishops about how we work together. I love my table mates, and will miss them when we change tables (we get "reset" to new tables each triennium), but will look forward to being with new colleagues in March at the next House of Bishops meeting.

Steve and I went to dinner with Bishop Coadjutor Andy Dietsche and his wonderful wife Margaret. What a relaxed dinner! Andy and Margaret are down to earth, very centered people. He is a wonderful pastor and an accomplished graphic artist and cartoonist. Some of his work can be found here.

We are all tired, ready to head home, but we have one more full day here in Indianapolis.

Here are some pictures from today:
At Table 21 at the House of Bishops -- this was my table 3 years ago when I started, the first HOB meeting after General Convention 2009, and right after my election as Bishop Suffragan. I've sat at this table with Prince Singh, Herb Donovan, Keith Whitmore, Chilton Knudson and Jim Mathes at Camp Allen (twice), Phoenix, Kanuga, Quito, and now Indianapolis -- and gratefully so!

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