Thursday, July 5, 2012

First "Official" Day

It was the first "Official Day" but it seems like we've been in process for this day for the last few days. We had a session of the House of Bishops early this morning and then I went over to the Opening Eucharist. The Presiding Bishop preached a wonderful sermon, the music was beautiful, and distributing communion to so many people went flawlessly and quickly. The picture displayed is a tight shot of a VERY LARGE room!

I then went over to my legislative committee hearing, which went very well. We had only one resolution to deal with, AO87. We dealt with that, and then had a conversation about the fact that there was no collection taken at the Eucharist. It was said that even just $1.00 per person each day over the course of convention would allow us to collect monies for mission initiatives. So the rest of our time was spent crafting our own resolution to be submitted.

The Spirit was moving and my calendar became open for lunch. This provided me with the opportunity to have lunch with a Professor/Presenter from my DMin at Seabury (who was also the reader of my thesis ) Derek Harbin and his wonderful wife Clifford. It was great to spend time with them and catch up with them as to all the happenings of our lives!

Back after lunch to discuss two opposing resolutions -- DO24 and DO25 regarding the creation of a Development Office for the Episcopal Church. We heard testimony from 15 people. After much discussion and a few amendments we discharged DO24 and amended DO25. I believe this is a good resolution which seeks to ensure funding of mission and ministry opportunities for the Church in the future, and is headed in the direction of some other successful denominations and many successful philanthropies are in.

After this hearing I ran over (literally) to the House of Bishops legislative session. We were in closed session at the beginning and then opened to address the legislation given to us this day, which we did.

At the end of the meeting I went over to Dispatch and listened in. I will be seated on the Dais to take the place of the Secretary this Saturday while he is away. This gave me the opportunity to see what goes on.

After this I went to the reception for Foreign visitors and saw friends new and old. Below are a series of pictures from the evening. After that I had dinner with Archbishop Kim, his wife and one of his daughters as well as Korean clergy from the US and Korea. Enjoy the pictures below. Signing off as I have a VERY early meeting tomorrow!

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