Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Opening Committee Meetings, Joint Gathering, first Hearing and baseball!

The day began early with Committee meetings. I found my way, through the skywalk which connects the buildings, to Marriott Ballroom 9 and 10. Being on Stewardship and Development, you can imagine the array of legislation currently assigned to us. It is a great group with a wonderful energy and a zeal for this work. We went around the room and introduced ourselves first -- it is a good mix of "seasoned" and newer deputies and bishops to General Convention. Everyone on this Committee has a passion for this work. We reviewed the work ahead of us and set up the schedule for which resolutions would be addressed at each of the hearings during the General Convention for our  Committee.. This meeting lasted about 3 hours.

After a quick lunch with my husband, I headed back to the Convention Center for a joint meeting of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops. I was able to be seated with our deputation in the House of Deputies. I loved the way they decorated the pole! )(Please see the picture -- can you tell what's on top of our pole?

Next, the Rev. Cn. Dr. Gregory S. Straub, Executive Officer and Secretary of  the General Convention greeted the group gathered. We were opened with a beautiful prayer by Deputy Cornelia Eaton of the Diocese of Navajoland, the Chaplain to the House of Deputies.

The Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori then addressed the gathering. I commend to your reading the full text of her address here.

The President of the House of Deputies, Canon Bonnie Anderson then addressed the gathering. I commend to your reading the full text of her address here.

The Presiding Bishop closed this joint meeting with a benediction.

We Bishops then went to our Room and met at our tables. It was good to be back again with the same people I've been sitting with during this triennium: Jim Mathes, Prince Singh, Keith Whitmore, Chilton Knudsen and Herb Donovan.  Leo Frade who is normally at our table wasn't there -- I will have to ask about him tomorrow. The orientation was presented primarily by Ken Price, and was very helpful as this is my first time as at General Convention as a member of the House of Bishops.

After the Orientation I went to the first hearing we set up earlier in the day for Stewardship and Development. A few people signed up to speak regarding the resolutions that were on the agenda for this late afternoon. Good discussion followed, and all 8 resolutions were passed on to the consent calendar.

For those of us going to the baseball game at Victory Field, we adjourned in time to join our spouses and friends and walk over (it is literally directly across the street from the JW Marriott hotel). I was warned that it was still, at 6:00 pm, 100 degrees outside and it was humid out. Well, I made it for 1/2 an hour because it was too hot and humid. Our seats were in the sun -- I didn't even bother to sit down there. I just stood at the top of the steps under the overhang -- couldn't take it. I left my husband and friends and headed back to the hotel. I know -- I melt in the combination of heat and humidity!

I'll spend the rest of this evening updating my binder, working on some emails and getting ready for tomorrow.

I wonder what is in store for us all tomorrow at General Convention?
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  1. I understand about melting in heat & humidity: we're very spoiled, living here where we do! May you all be blessed with good air conditioning throughout GC2012!
    Nancy Larkin

  2. But you grew up in New Jersey! Isn't that the home of heat and humidity? Your comments on the joint meeting reminded me of one of my days volunteering at the GC in Anaheim, when I was "manning" (personing?) a mic for those wanting to rise to address the chair. It was pretty cool; I could feel such energy in the room. I knew I was in an important place with folks who are working so hard to make a difference in this world. Bless you as you continue the work.

  3. Thanks for the reports, Bishop. We will only be there for two days, but your reports help us feel connected the rest of the time. Glad you got out of the heat. Be well.