Sunday, July 22, 2012

On being "down"

I have a confession to make -- it's hard for me to be "down".

This past week, I was supposed to be at Camp Stevens, but when I went to the doctor on Monday and found out that this nasty cough I had was bronchitis, I was given antibiotics, cough medicine, and told to stay home. I wasn't happy. I felt very weak and tired -- could have been a bit of post-General-Convention deep tiredness mixed in with being ill. While I did stay in the house and I stayed hydrated, drinking water and tea, I was restless. It's not easy for me to not be busy -- and I was groggy enough from the medicines not to want to read a book. What was I to do? Well, the great Card Make 2012 began!

 I've made cards every summer for over 10 years -- I usually take one week of my vacation, work in the garden in the morning and work on cards in the afternoon -- catching up on movies and TV shows (or doing "marathons" of Harry Potter or NCIS). This time, as I was not feeling much like working in the garden, I spent a lot of time on making cards. I'm not done yet (I took long breaks), but when I'm done, I will have made about 1,500 cards. More than 1/2 of them will go to PRISM ministry for them to sell, and the rest will go to our Cathedral Bookstore -- to be sold to benefit the bookstore. The rest I will use during the year, as I always do.

 Some might say that I can't stay still -- that's not quite true, I can and I do. It's just that I can't just do nothing all day long. The same was true for me while I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Chemo and radiation slowed me down a bit, but I still kept up with all my work.

So, now you know. My wandering keeps me wondering -- and on the move. Here's some pictures of the "process" and progress:

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