Friday, July 6, 2012

Day Two -- Long and Wonder-filled

Woke up early to an already warm day -- and it was early, very early after a long day yesterday. The high today eventually hit 104 degrees! Thank goodness there are indoor "skywalks" between buildings.

Started out the day at 7:30 with a vente nonfat cappuccino and the first Stewardship and Development hearing of the day. I don't normally order vente any-things at Starbucks (except on my birthday when I had a free drink coupon and the young man behind the counter said to me when I tried to order a grande, "Ma'am, it's your birthday. Go for the vente.")
Little did I know I needed that vente.

The hearing dealt with a series of related resolutions that address the giving level of dioceses to The Episcopal Church. There were 4 -- A091, B016, C010, D040 which were dealing with the same issue. The committee discharged all but B016, and passed that along with an amendment. The committee then moved on to deal with A146 regarding funding for the next triennium for the Episcopal Archives. I became passionate in this discussion, having served on the Archives Strategy Board.

Eucharist followed with house of Deputies President Cn. Bonnie Anderson preaching.

The House of Bishops met afterwards. I always love meeting with my brother and sister Bishops.

A very quick lunch followed, where afterwards I went to meet our own Rev. Tom Callard's sister Genevieve who is working at the Convention with youth. I also ran into Lily Chang who hosted us for a day in Taiwan.

Another Stewardship and Development hearing started at 2:00. We took up two resolutions, A155 and A150. Both were discharged. An early dismissal meant a little time to go through the exhibit hall. I ran into Winnie Varghese, an amazing priest and advocate for the Episcopal Service Corps. I also went back to the Integrity booth and hugged Vivian from our Diocese, and the other volunteers in the booth.

Next-- back to the House of Bishops and a closed session for one hour, then an open session where we conducted business including welcoming Anglican Communion Partners.

After the meeting I attended a meeting at the Secretariat and then literally ran, more than one hour late, to the Stewardship Awards Dinner. Well, I arrived in time to get some great food and hear watch the presentation of four awards, including one for Charles, the wonderful not retired but refired priest from Taichung. I'm including a picture of him here,

Off to sleep because I have a 6:30am breakfast (and it is nearly midnight here). I love General Convention!
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