Sunday, April 15, 2012

10 Percent Solution

Bishop Pachao and his diocese developed a plan to try to move all mission congregations to parish status in 10 years. The goal is for each congregation to increase its support of clergy by 10% per year over a ten year period (this was voted on and began in 2007--ending in 2018), resulting in the congregations that are currently being aided (by the diocese paying for their clergy) to being self sufficient in supporting their clergy 100%. Bishop noted that this is an extremely aggressive goal, but many of the congregations are making great strides. Some he knows will not be able to make the goal, but are and will continue to make progress towards the goal.

The process, which includes education for clergy and lay leaders, involves growth within the congregations. Where congregations are smaller, they are yoked together so that between the two or three of them they can afford one clergy person. I'm attaching pictures of the banners that talk about this from the diocesan office in Baguio.

Their lay leadership program meets every Saturday for 2 years. I spoke with the Bishop about our own Instituto de Liderazgo.

I can't wait to hear about the continued progress in this diocese

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