Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Day in Hong Kong.

This is a day, given the pretty hectic schedule we've been keeping, to rest and get acclimated before we get busy again beginning tomorrow.

It is always wonderful to travel with someone who is from the place you are visiting! Ada Wong-Nagata was happy to talk about the place of her birth and to share some of her early experiences there with us. Hong Kong is beautiful!

Ada and I walked over to a "traditional" breakfast place she ate noodles and ham and I had toast and coffee (okay, my fare wasn't so traditional!) We then took a walk down to the Ferry Building and around the area, which included a nice shot of the famous Peninsula Hotel.

At noon we met Kathleen Clark, a wonderful young woman who is working with Domestic workers from the Philippines and Indonesia at the Cathedral here in Hong Kong. We heard stories about how the women are exploited, not only here by some of the families but more importantly by the companies who recruit these women and send them here to work. This is an important ministry here. The women gather in two different parks, primarily on Sundays. When we visited Victoria Park, although it is Saturday today, there were already some women gathered. (According to Kathleen it is PACKED on Sundays.) Here is a picture with Kathleen and Joshua Ng in the foreground (right) and the women gathered in the background as Kathleen explains to him (and Ada and me) about the situations the women face. The women pictured are from Indonesia.

Kathleen was wonderful to take us around and to spend time with us talking about her ministry through The Episcopal Church as a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer. Although she is getting ready to return home (she has been in Hong Kong for almost a year) you can hear the passion in her voice about this work. She has also taken to Hong Kong like a duck to water!

Among the great surprises this day was when Kathleen suggested we go for a dim sum lunch on the Hong King Island side, at a place called Luk Yu. Well, the Holy Spirit must be on FIRE big time today. Turns out it is where Ada's father spent many an hour--and her favorite tea house. We had a very delicious lunch there!

We then headed on the tram (double decker bus) for a ride on the Island. We were able to sit up top right in the front and get a great view of where we were going. Again, both Ada and Kathleen shared stories and pointed out places and landmarks for us.

After walking around Victoria Park a bit we took the MTR back to the Kowloon side. It reminded me of taking the BART train from the east Bay to San Francisco! It was very fast, but not as fun as the ferry ride over. I loved the English influence as I heard after the announcement in Cantonese, "mind the gap" as the doors of the train were opening! It reminded me of our time in London in 2009. We said our goodbyes to Kathleen, who will meet us early tomorrow as we head over the Cathedral for the 9:00 service.

Got back to the YMCA and had a cup of tea before getting down to the business of blogging.

Saw this wonderful ship near the shoreline as dusk began to fall outside my window.

And finally, although not the best shot, a glimpse at the amazing light show which is offered every night at 8pm.

All during this trip I have felt the Holy Spirit moving and my heart not only stirring but singing. I wonder what adventures we will have and how the Holy Spirit will be moving--and moving us to --tomorrow.

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Location:Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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  1. You need to re-subtitle your blog. We are joining you you far beyond your wanderings in the LA diocese :-) And loving it!!