Monday, April 16, 2012

More of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines

I didn't write yesterday on all I learned at the National Office. I thought I'd do that now.

There is a focus on community development, working towards empowerment of the marginalized and poor, mostly in rural areas but also in urban settings as well. Community organizing --potable water, constructing water systems, etc.

They are also working on post-harvest facilities mostly rice, corn and coffee. They have developed a demonstration farm and are writing a curriculum for it. They are in partnership with a German agency (church NGO), as well as with ERD and the Missional Board of Australia. They are integrated and work with all the dioceses in all they are doing.

Social ministries are very important and are focusing on issues regarding mining and advocacy which extends to environmental issues (especially deforestation).

For a long time they focused their energy on their financial viability as a church. Now their focus is on supporting efforts in evangelism, Christian education and community development -- in other words, they are now focused on mission. And ministry and they are growing and becoming viable as they work towards the 10% solution goal in 2018.

It is an amazing place--they know they have to work cooperatively together with one mission minded focus in order to thrive.


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