Friday, April 6, 2012

"Bye bye cross!"

I wandered over to St. Cross in Hermosa Beach today, where I preached at the Good Friday service at noon. What a beautiful day with a pretty packed church!

At the time of the veneration of the cross, this little boy couldn't stop touching the cross. He lit one of the candles and put it in the container of sand. He stood at the foot of the cross and told his mother he didn't know the cross would be so big. After about 5 minutes of standing there as others were trying to come up, his mother said it was time to go. He looked up, smiled and waved as he said, "Bye bye cross!"

After the service the boy wanted to go back again and see the cross. I asked his Mom if it would be okay for me to take this photo and put it on my Blog. She gave me permission.

I was so struck by what the cross meant physically to this young boy. "It's so big!" I think if he could have hugged it he would have. And then to address it as he was walking away as though the cross was a human being. Oh, wait a minute -- in so many ways this young boy hit on a great truth -- the cross represents the ultimate sacrifice given for humanity. Of course he connected to its humanness. I only wish I could be there on Sunday morning to hear what he thinks of about the rolled away stone!

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Location:St. Cross Hermosa Beach

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  1. Beautiful picture. Out of the mouths of babes....
    Thank you for sharing. B
    lessed Easter to you and all our friends in LA