Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wandering in Beijing

After we left Rev. Yu this afternoon, Ada Wong-Nagata, Joshua Ng and I wandered the streets. ads had been here before. Right near our hotel is a major walking street with the most I the resting side streets. Here are a few examples:

The man in the burgundy jacket below was singing Peking Opera!

The food stalls were the most interesting, but none topped this one:

You ight not be able to make it out in the picture above, but those are LIVE SCORPIONS on a stick. Yep, they were moving. How about that as a bite!

We went to dinner at a wonder local restaurant. The kitchen staff loved having their picture taken with my iPad. When I showed it to them after it was taken, you could see that they wanted me to take more pictures, but the restaurant wonder wanted them to work!

Off for now. Long day tomorrow -- culture day! The Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tian an Men Square.

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  1. Yikes, I'm thinking you passed on the scorpion-on-a-stick treat!