Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday in Hong Kong

Early this morning Kathleen Clark picked us up and we were on our way to the Cathedrals of St. John. We took the MTR instead of the ferry as it is a bit faster.

The service the morning was celebrated by the interim Dean, David Pickering.

It was a wonderful service. Afterwards, as we has to wait for the Provincial Secretary to finish the service in Mandarin, we tried to take the tram up to Victoria's peak but it was much too crowded. Over an hour just to purchase a ticket, so instead we walked around Central area.

We began to see what Kathleen was speaking about in terms of the Filipino and Indonesian workers having Sunday off. They are supposed to go out of the house, but there is no where for them to go really. They congregate in parks, in the HSBC building open air first level, the subway and ferry tunnels.

I couldn't take more pictures. But if you can imagine a sea of domestic workers, sitting on pieces of cardboard or a blanket, talking with each other, eating, doing their nails, etc. and trying to stay out of the sun.

When we headed back up to the cathedral to meet Peter Koon we found the Cathedral Close and buildings full of Filipino and Indonesian caregivers receiving medical screenings, manicures, haircuts, access to the Internet, etc. Kathleen was busy doing makeovers. This is part of the ministry of the group she works with at the Cathedral and is done on a regular schedule (but not every Sunday).

Peter Koon took us to a wonderful lunch where we talked about mission and ministry in our areas. He shared about some of the projects he is working on. He will be coming to the United States next month to Los Angeles on a project. We hope to catch up with him again there.

On a personal note, when I was 22 and started at Crocker Bank in the International Division I worked with a great number of people from Macau. When they saw my last name they thought I was related to the Jardine's affiliated with the Jardine Matheson Company, a very important company in the history of Hong Kong. I was able to have my picture taken at Jardine House.

It's almost 6pm here in Hong Kong on Sunday night. I'm off in a few minutes to have dinner with Ada Wong-Nagata and her sister, then off to the famous Temple Street.

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