Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diocese of Central Philippines

Joshua Ng, Ada Wong Nagata, Ronnie Nagata and I were picked up by Andrew and Betsy from the National Office and taken over to Offices of the Diocese of the Central Philippines (on the same grounds as the compound housing the offices of the National Office, which I blogged about yesterday). We were able to meet with the Bishop, Bishop Dixie Taclobao. Here is a picture of me presenting the gifts we brought, including a bag from the diocese, a photo of the joint ministries of the Cathedral Center and the Pro-Cathedral as well as the hands in healing cross.

Bishop Dixie spoke with me about the complexity and multicultural nature of his diocese. He will join the WACCF (World Anglican Chinese Clergy Fellowship) briefly to greet everyone.

We then went to Forbes Park area of Manila to Holy Trinity church, a church which began for ex pats and now hosts Chinese as well as Filipino members. The Rector, retired bishop of Australia Arthur Jones welcomed us warmly to the rectory for a chat. Turns out he served in Panama for a while and knows our own Butch Gamarra!

The church and the grounds are gorgeous! Lush and beautiful. The rectory is large. His housekeeper offered us refreshments. Bishop jones spoke with us about his long career and about the parish he now serves. It has become increasingly multicultural which he loves.

Here are some shots of the church and rectory, followed by my taking a picture of our group Joshua, Ada, Ronnie and Betsy at an Italian restaurant in a new development near Holy Trinity called Global City.

It is stiflingly hot here! But I am so grateful to be learning so much! I will write a separate blog entry regarding the WACCF.

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