Monday, April 30, 2012

Day in Seoul on the way to Taipei

Woke up this morning and repacked my suitcase. I had breakfast with Abp. Kim, our guide Thomas from yesterday's adventure, Ada and Joshua. It was a wonderful Korean breakfast -- an abalone porridge for them, a non-shell fish porridge for me. I talked with the Abp. about our Korean ministry in the Diocese of Los Angeles, and about opportunities we share together. We also spoke about the churches in Korea, especially the fact that every 3-5 years the priests are moved among the parishes and missions by the Bishop. Our host for the afternoon The Rev. Paul Goh, who is married to the Rev. Kyrie Kim, has been a priest for 25 years and has served in 8 different churches. I also spoke with the Abp. about the challenges facing the various provinces in Asia. It was a deep, good conversation. I have learned so much on this trip, and feel so grateful for the incredible hospitality shown to us.

Ada, Joshua and I took a walk along the same path I went yesterday, and saw the following, which I did not post yesterday:

Joshua and Ada commented that with them dressed all in black, they look like my bodyguards. We took the appropriate photo to signify their potential new role:

We met with part of the Archbishop's staff. They asked questions about the two women who are with us from Korea. I told them how pleased we have been with them and their commitment to the Church. They were very pleased. They also asked me about the strengthens of the Diocese of Los Angeles. I talked to them about various mission and ministry happenings in the Diocese, especially the Multicultural ministry going on right now. Here are some photos of our talk together, and of Abp. Kim presenting us with some gifts, with a "group shot" taken at the end.

We then headed out to St. Michael's Church in Incheon, where we met Kyrie's husband Paul. Paul moved to be Vicar there in mid January. Kyrie also changed jobs, but still works in Seoul. Kyrie and their daughter live in Seoul during the week with Kyrie's parents, and they go home on the weekends.

St. Michael's in Incheon was founded by the first Bishop of Korea, who was from England. He is buried in the Cathedral in Seoul, and is the only person buried within the city limits of Seoul.

At this location in Incheon the founding Bishop also opened a hospital, which is next door to the Church. The church currently houses a social service center which feeds 150 seniors per day, has supplemental class offerings and assistance for children with disabilities, and a homework center for junior high and high school students. Here are a few pictures:

Play room:

Art room:

A yoga and exercise room for the disabled children:

The church is interesting in that it is one of the oldest, but had to be rebuilt due to a fire. The celebrant's chair was actually designed by the current Vicar (Paul Goh) when he was a seminarian. He designed it for his friend which was the Vicar at that time, more than 25 years ago! Also, there are two bibles displayed, one which was hand written by one member of the parish over a two year period, the other which each member wrote one page of and was bound together. Here are some photos:

Founding bishop:

You have to remove your shoes to enter the church.

Here's the presider's chair the current vicar designed when he was a seminarian:

This bible was written out by hand by one woman over a two year period.

This is the bible the entire congregation worked on:

We had lunch together with the clergy and the Junior Warden, and headed out to the airport for the final stop on our journey: Taipei!

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