Thursday, April 19, 2012

Second full day at WACCF

Morning prayer this morning was offered by the clergy from Australia. It was wonderful, and the singing uplifting.

After Morning Prayer we went down to breakfast. Bishop Ng and his wife sat with me again. We had a long conversation about concentrating on mission and ministry and the distractions that try to pull us from this work. He is very kind. His daughter is graduating from Texas A&M next July.

We had another offering from yesterday's speaker which again was very interesting.

Lunch followed then an afternoon of rest or you could go on a tour. I chose rest as I figured it was going to be a long night.

After dinner the different areas reported on their ministries. Here are pictures from North America's offering:

And here is Ada presenting our gifts to Bishop Ng:

Afterwards the business meeting for WACCF was held. We ended up not getting out of there until close to midnight, due back at 7am for morning prayer.

I also grateful for the time together here. I have made great contacts and look forward to maintaining new friendships.

I wonder what the next WACCF will be like? It will be held April 5-8 2016.

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