Monday, April 16, 2012

National Church Center....and more!

Early this morning we were picked up at the hotel and driven over to the National Office of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines, which is housed in a complex which includes:
--Trinity University,
--St. Luke's hospital
--St. Andrew's seminary
--The offices of the Diocese of the central Philippines as well as the National offices of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines
--Asian institute of Liturgy and Music
--Cathedral of St Mary and St. John.

We met with members of the National Church staff as well as Bishop Brent Alawas who was down from the Diocese of Northern Philippines. bishop Brent is Brent

They shared that in order to continue to be viable, all six dioceses (a seventh diocese will be formed this year) have undertaken the 10% solution. The National staff work in conjunction with their contacts for their areas of responsibility in each diocese to work towards this goal.

We toured around the grounds and then headed to lunch, and continued talking about the work of our churches.

After lunch Betsy and driver Andrew took us to see the Manila Cathedral. Although it is closed for renovations, it is a very impressive site!

Betsy then took us over to St. Augustin's the oldest church in Manila (441 years old). Gorgeous sanctuary and exhibits. My favorite images were of the organ in the organ loft and the view of the sanctuary from there. Here is a picture of the organ with the rev. Ada Wong Nagata standing in front of it!

Then we did a bit of souvenir shopping at a famous handicraft store. Great day of work and the ability to make new friendships!

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Location:Manila, Philippines

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