Friday, April 20, 2012

Last day and on the way to Hong Kong

Given how late we were all up last night and haw early we had to be up and out so early this morning. We were all a bit tired.

Morning prayer was lead by the diocese of Sabah this morning. Breakfast followed and we headed back up to our meeting rom for one last offering by Dr. Shao. It again was quite good.

Good byes followed. I had a nice chat with Bp. Ng before I left, thanking him for his kindness. He is looking forward to seeing me at the next event in 2016, location TBD.

Betsy from the National Office and Andrew picked us up at the hotel as we were driving, i saw these wonderful garlands hanging in the street ( I took the picture from the back seat of the van.)

Betsy and Andrew took us over to where we were to meet the Provincial Secretary, Floyd Lalwet and Fr. David. It was Chinese food, and it was quite good. Here is a picture of Floyd and David .

I spoke with Floyd about the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, the 10% solution, and their goals toward 2018. We talked about Holy Trinity and St. Benedict, where one of the priests from the Diocese of the Northern Philippines will be going to serve as Rector.

We talked about my returning again, which I hope to do in 2014.
On the way to the airport we talked in the van with Betsy about St. Luke's hospital and the former Chairman Robert Kwan. Mr. Kwan started Chow King in Manila, and when he sold it to Jollibee in 1997 he had 155 stores. He has an entrepreneurial nature, and helped guide the hospital into being a world class medical center. The hospital gives away to the church 20,000,000 pesos each year designated to sanctuary repair, renovation, or new buildings. They also work with the poor.

We talked about the fact that before we heard Mr. Kwan speak we saw lots of Chowkingrestaurants. After that we saw none. As we were driving to the airport we saw one!

Now -- at the airport going to Hong Kong. I wonder what adventure awaits us there?
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